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Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, chances are you’ll find a place with us. KENT is an equal opportunity employer, view statement.


Dedicated to our core values

Honesty, quality, timeliness, safety and working for the win-win. These core values play a significant role in the successes and accomplishments of each employee.

We are committed to helping each employee reach their full potential, as well as maintaining ongoing progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion. We trust our employees to not only do their best, but to be their best and, as an employer of choice, we commit to that in return.


A foundation of trust and integrity is 
crucial in every relationship.


We look for unsurpassed quality in what we do as well as what we produce.

Work for the win-win

We look for positive outcomes
in every relationship.


We respect each other’s time and commitments.
Time is money, but timeliness is respect.



A safe and secure work environment
is essential to us.