Iowa State University: Construction of new feed mill tower complete


As an Iowa-based, global leader in corn wet milling, the production of animal feeds and the manufacturing of food products, it is natural Kent support ISU in giving students valuable real-world experiences that will benefit their future employers and industries. Primary to our reason for giving the $8 million lead gift is to train work-ready individuals. We believe strongly in investing in and retaining as many good people as possible for the benefit of Iowa's future. Kent is very proud to support this effort. Following is an update on the Iowa State University Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex by ISU. 

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AMES, Iowa (October 21, 2021) – The large concrete structure that quite literally rose out of the ground near the intersection of Highway 30 and State Avenue Ames’s west side generated quite a buzz in conversations and on social media earlier this fall.

To answer the question on everyone’s minds: The structure is the new feed mill tower on the site of Iowa State University’s Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex, currently under construction on university-owned land. Once completed, the complex will include feed milling and mixing equipment, grain storage bins, grain drying and handling equipment, a warehouse and an educational building with classroom, lab and meeting spaces.

The process of building the feed mill tower took a mere four-and-a-half days, with two crews working 12-hours shifts, 24 hours a day, rain or shine. The main tower is more than 100 feet tall, and the front-end tower rises more than 44 feet. [Watch a timelapse video of the building process]

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