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Kent Corporation Receives Distinguished Iowa State University Foundation Award

Kent Corporation leadership and family stand alongside Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen to accept the Order of the Knoll Corporation and Foundation Award.

AMES, Iowa (May 2, 2019) – Kent Corporation, headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, was among the honorees of the Iowa State University Foundation’s annual Distinguished Awards Celebration held Friday, April 26, at Iowa State University’s Benton Auditorium. The ceremony recognized the outstanding contributions of alumni and friends of Iowa State University.

Kent Corporation received the Order of the Knoll Corporation and Foundation Award, which honors a corporation, foundation or association that has demonstrated generosity to Iowa State University through significant leadership giving, dedicated and long-term service and assistance to students and faculty.

Kent Corporation Chairman and CEO Gage Kent

Led by Gage Kent, chairman of the board and CEO, Kent Corporation is a diversified, family-owned corporation with operating subsidiaries involved in corn wet milling, the production of animal feeds and the manufacturing of food products. The company is an economic driver not only in its home community, but also in the state of Iowa and nationally. Contributing nearly $1 million a day to the local economy, the nearly 2,000 dedicated employees of Kent Corporation are providing solutions for customers in the United States and roughly 60 countries globally.

Over four decades, Kent Corporation and Iowa State University have built a valuable partnership. The company has demonstrated a strong commitment to the educational and research mission of Iowa State, most recently with a substantial gift to support the university’s new feed mill and grain science complex, which will be a state-of-the-art facility for hands-on student learning, meaningful faculty research, and extension and outreach to industry workforce.

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Kent Corporation Hosts Youth to Spark Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

4th grade students in the Muscatine School District learn about STEAM at the Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) Product Development Center.

MUSCATINE, Iowa (April 30, 2019) — Kent Nutrition Group (KNG), a subsidiary of Kent Corporation, recently hosted more than fifty students at its Product Development Center in collaboration with Muscatine Community College’s STEAM into MCC program.

The program aims to get fourth graders interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. With the world’s population projected to be a staggering 9.6 billion in the next 30 years, Kent Corporation is committed to creating innovative solutions for food production and providing early opportunities for younger generations to get involved in the process in fun and impactful ways.

Students ask Swine Herdsman Tyler Treimer questions about life on the farm.

“We recognize how important it is for the future generation to learn not only about the key ways livestock and corn contribute to feeding a growing world, but also that they experience how fun it is to get outside and be a kid,” said Carol Reynolds, Corporate Spokesperson for Kent Corporation. “We support the next generation of innovators and are proud to promote STEAM any way we can.

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Kent Corporation Recognizes Milestones at Employee Service Awards

Kent Corporation employees stand with leadership at the 2019 Service Awards. From left, Kent Corporation President & COO John Thorpe, 40-year service award recipient Rod Hohenadel, 40-year service award recipient Todd Hunter, 30-year service award recipient Jean Broders, Kent Corporation CEO & Chairman of the Board Gage Kent and Kent Corporation President and CAO Kevin Fields.

MUSCATINE, Iowa (April 29, 2019) — Kent Corporation proudly celebrated the longstanding service of its employees at the 2019 Service Awards, held annually at the Kent Conference Center.

In total, 244 employees were honored for the following periods of service: five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years. Such commitment to Kent Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), Kent Nutrition Group (KNG), Kent Pet Group (KPG) and Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG) enables the company to effectively serve its customers and continue on its mission of providing sustainable, nutritious innovative food and ingredients for the whole family.

Kent Corporation Chairman and CEO, Gage Kent personally thanked all of the service award recipients for their time and work dedicated to the company.

Kent Corporation CEO and Chairman of the Board Gage Kent congratulates Carl Rudolph on 45 years of service to the company at the 2019 Service Awards.

“Each employee at Kent Corporation is a valuable team member and plays a very important role in our success,” said Carol Reynolds, Kent Corporation Vice-President of Human Resources. “Honoring the milestones achieved by these employees is a small but meaningful way of letting them know their dedication has not gone unnoticed.”

Reynolds spoke individually about Kent employees who received milestone service awards for 40 and 45 years of service. 45 year service award recipients include: Joe Aull (GPC), Ronald Miles (KNG), Dave Phelps (GPC) and Carl Rudolph (GPC). 40 year service award recipients include: Shawn Connor (KNG), Monte Eversmeyer (GPC), Shaaron Garrison (KNG), Ron Hohenadel (KPG), Steven Holladay (KPG), Todd Hunter (KPG), Jon Mayhill (KNG), Jim Moseley (KNG), Lisa Reimers (GPC), and Deb Wykert (Kent Corporation).

Congratulations to the 2019 Service Award Honorees

5 Years: Eric Ackerman (KNG), Craig Alexander (KNG), Chanbath Bann (KPFG), Betty Baumer (KPFG), Kelsey Bell (KNG), Jen Bermel (Kent Corporation), Emily Blair (Kent Corporation), Joseph Boas (KPFG), Douglas Brochin (GPC), Terry Brockman (KPFG), Earnestine Burns (KPFG), Juan Castro (KPFG), Bernabe Castro (KPFG), Robert Chestnut (GPC), Lance Cole (GPC), John Creuzberger (KPFG), Robert Criswell (GPC), Tacia Davis (KNG), Brigida Delgado (KPFG), Joyce Dubay, (KNG), Artemio Estrada-Amigon (KPFG), Ernest Fields (KPFG), Jordan Flynn (GPC), David Forsting (KPFG), Carrie Gaeta (Kent Corporation), Samuel Gines (GPC),  Sheridan Glispie (GPC), Marcus Greenlaw (KPFG), Lois Harvey (KPFG), Linda Heckroth (Kent Corporation), Matthew Hemsworth (KPFG), Patrick Hermiston (GPC), Scott Hewitt (KNG), Caleb Holland (GPC), Bradley Holmes (KNG), Nathan Kane (GPC), Kelley Kennison (KNG), Justin Killough (GPC), Dennis Kolb (KPFG), Jocelyn Koziara (KPFG), Janice Lavrich (KNG), Minh Le (KPG), Callie Lear (KPG), Alphonso Lewis (KPFG), Jennifer McAtee (KPFG), Andrew McDanell (KPFG), Alan Millage (Kent Corporation), Theodore Miller (GPC), Doc Milton (KPG), Molly Nietzel (KNG), Lorna Pearce (GPC), Russell Pierce (GPC), Vickie Pollard (KPFG), Sapanna Putthayangkul (KPFG), Terrye Ray (KPFG), Alan Renault (GPC), Olivia Rice (KPFG), Skyler Robbins (GPC), Antonia Rosales (KPFG), Jonathan Sawyer (GPC), Daniel Sayers (KPFG), Tyler Schleich (KNG), A.J. Schroeder (Kent Corporation), Christopher Shearer (KNG), Michael Shield (KNG), Tina Simmons (Kent Corporation), Aaron Slaughbaugh (GPC), Cherie Smith (Kent Corporation), Cheryl Solon (KPG), Pablo Soto (GPC), Eric Speidel (GPC), Amy Thomas (KNG), J Jesus Vega Lopez (KPFG), Jacqueline Velez (KPFG), Andrew Wade (GPC), Caroline Wallin (KPFG), Travis Wetherby (KNG), Scott Wheat (GPC), Dana Wilges (Kent Corporation), Lisa Wilkerson (GPC), Warren Wilson (KNG), Lenard Wilson (KNG), Joseph Wright (KNG)

10 Years: Adam Belcher (GPC), Dallas Bianchi (KNG), Bonnie Bowlin (GPC), Kyle Burnham (GPC), Anne Burnham (GPC), Merle Denny (GPC), Michael Drew (KNG), Steve Everett (GPC), Diana Froehlich (GPC), Kevin Garrison (GPC), Eric Gasper (KNG), Vernon Girard (KPFG), Randy Goodenow (KNG), Jesse Gray (KNG), Michael Higgins (KNG), Michael Hosford (GPC), Aaron Houser (KNG), Jennifer Kent (KPFG), Amy Kirsch (KNG), Marlon Klein (KNG), Richard Kramer (GPC), John Kuhl (Kent Corporation), Megan Mata (GPC), Ana Melendez (KPFG), Katherine Moench (Kent Corporation), Ashley Murenzi (KNG), Kristen Paris (GPC), Christopher Quick (KNG), Jim Redovian (KPFG), Jesse Shuman (KNG), Aimee Smith (KNG), Justin Stetzler (KPFG), Steven Taylor (KPFG), Danika Toren (KPFG), Byung Yang (GPC)

15 Years: Gavin Bickford (GPC), Malgorzata Bienias (KPFG), Allen Borden (KNG), Kurt Braun (GPC), Brittany Carter (KPFG), Cheryl Chick (KPFG), Sherri Conaway (Kent Corporation), Chad Creighton (KNG), William Dewerdt (KPFG), Christopher H. Estabrook (KNG), Steve Gibson (KPFG), Suzy Gillette (Kent Corporation), Kirk Hall (KNG), Frona Hinton (KPFG), Patrick Homoelle (GPC), Kevin Hook (GPC), George Kellar (GPC), Donald Latterell (KPFG), Louis Lopez (KPFG), James Lunsford (GPC), Veronica Morgan (KNG), Ben Olsen (KNG), Nicholas Payne (KNG), Randy Randall (KNG), Mary Ryan (GPC), Olivia Sedano (KPFG), Derrick Sweigert (KNG), William Thomas (KPFG), John Turcany (KPFG)

20 Years: Nancy Anderson (GPC), Martyn Ball (Kent Corporation), Barry Baumert Jr. (GPC), Bob Beuhler (GPC), Brian Brunson (GPC), Steven Bryant (GPC), Michael Dalton (GPC), Angie Eads (GPC), Jon Eaton (GPC), Angela Eggers (KPFG), Gina Flynn (GPC), Dan Frank (KNG), Michael Frey (GPC), Lori Haag (GPC), Kimberly Haycraft (GPC), Steven R. Hull (GPC), Jeff Jarrett (Kent Corporation), Sarjit Johal (GPC), Todd Kaelin (GPC), Charles E. Lambert (GPC), Jessica Lavallee (KNG), Gary Lumbra (KNG), Melea Lunsford (GPC), Shirley Malone (KPFG), William Mau (KNG), Kerry McKinney (GPC), Ranita McMurtrey (GPC), Lisa Mercer (GPC), Mindy Miller (GPC), Jeffrey Miller (GPC), Dennis Miller (KNG), Carri Nolte (GPC), Edwin Rodimel (GPC), Robert Ruppel (GPC), Victor Serrano-Ruiz (KPFG), Keith Smoot (GPC), Bernard Spalding (GPC), Anne Strug (GPC), Jason Thompson (GPC), Bill Warnstaff (KNG), Chad Willis (GPC), Michael Wilson (GPC)

25 Years: Wendy Bouvier (GPC), John Cox (KNG), Jeff Graber (KNG), Stuart Mabee (GPC), Mark Rauenbuehler (Kent Corporation), Maris McCullough (GPC), Elwin Sheltra Jr. (KNG), Dianna Steele (GPC), Timothy Tomesek (KPFG), Jeff Underwood (Kent Corporation), Carter Van Hemert (Kent Corporation)

30 Years: Scott Baker (KNG), Jean Broders (KPG), Even Chesnut (KNG), Wayne Dimond (KNG), Jay Fedderson (GPC), Tracy Foster (KNG), Mark Garrow (KNG), Tim Girard (KNG), Karen Gleason (KNG), Al McConnell (GPC), Lynn Roddy (GPC), Robert Schaefer (KNG), Mark Schmelzer (GPC), Michael R. Schmitz (KNG), Pete Simonsen (GPC), Randy Winter (KNG)

35 Years: Scott Bohlen (KNG), David Cali (GPC), Larry Derochie II (KNG), Rich Dwyer (Kent Corporation), Kevin Halstead (GPC), Thomas Johnson (KNG), John O’Connell (GPC), Robert Peterson Jr. (GPC), Mike Reardon (KNG), Loren White (KNG), Susan Wolf (GPC)

40 Years: Shawn Connor (KNG), Monte Eversmeyer (GPC), Shaaron Garrison (KNG), Rod Hohenadel (KPG), Steven Holladay (GPC), Todd Hunter (KPG), Jon Mayhill (KNG), Jim Moseley (KNG), Lisa Reimers (GPC), Debra Wykert (Kent Corporation)

45 Years: Joe Aull (GPC), Ronald Miles (KNG), Dave Phelps (GPC), Carl Rudolph (GPC)

Kent Nutrition Group Helps Flood Ravaged Nebraska Farmers

MUSCATINE, Iowa (April 17, 2019) —  Kent Nutrition Group, a subsidiary of Kent Corporation, has pledged 19 tons of animal feed to aid Nebraska farmers impacted by recent flooding. In the first week of April, Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) announced its collaboration with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture in lending a hand to the state’s producers in need.

Flood victims in Nebraska currently face a feed shortage amid historic losses in both livestock and harvests due to last month’s sudden disaster. Large portions of the state remain underwater, drowning stored grain and casting doubts on whether crops can be planted this year. Thousands of livestock have perished in the flood.

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GPC Begins Construction on MALTRIN® Expansion

WASHINGTON, Indiana (April 15, 2019) — Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), a subsidiary of Kent Corporation, recently broke ground at the site of the new multimillion dollar MALTRIN® expansion at the Washington, Indiana plant. The GPC expansion will create jobs to support construction and future production capacity.

The MALTRIN® expansion project represents a significant capital investment for GPC. This is the largest expansion at the Washington Plant since it started operations. It is fitting to mark this groundbreaking in the year GPC celebrates 20 years of production at its Washington, IN facility.

“GPC is committed to meeting the global demand for MALTRIN®,” said Patrick Homoelle, President of GPC. “This is an important step in meeting that demand and ensuring that we have a continued supply of our highest quality products.”

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