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Kent Corporations joins millions of companies in celebrating Ag Week

Each day, agriculture plays an integral role in the lives of billions of people. Nearly everything Americans eat, wear, and use comes from farmers and agricultural-based companies.


In order to celebrate the industry that impacts billions, every year the Agriculture Council of America hosts Ag Week, a campaign that encourages Americans to appreciate the role agriculture plays in boosting the economy.


Kent Corporation is one of millions of companies across the globe that thrives thanks to agriculture. Kent began as an agricultural company nearly 90 years ago, when G.A. Kent started manufacturing cattle feed in a little mill in Indianola, Iowa. The first product, Kent Baby Beef, was followed by the production of swine, beef, dairy, poultry, and specialty feeds.  In addition to the number of feeds in production, Kent began an animal care line, and expanded the company’s reach with plants throughout the Midwest.


Today, Kent’s roots in agriculture are expansive through its subsidiary companies. Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) and its wide array of products – all derived from nature’s source, corn. At Kent’s GPC plants, several million bushels of corn are processed each year for wet milling, distillation, and feed production. Nearly all corn used by GPC is purchased from area farmers in Iowa and Indiana. GPC uses the local corn to manufacture corn starches, maltodextrins, corn oil, and other products. GPC’s products are then widely used in beverage alcohol, food products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and more.


Kent Corporation is also parent company to Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. (KNG), a company that relies heavily on agriculture for production and also offers its own contributions to the industry. Kent Nutrition Group manufactures food for commercial livestock, equine, companion animals, and lifestyle farmers.


In addition to GPC and KNG, Kent Corporation’s subsidiary companies include Kent Pet Group and Kent Precision Foods Group. Kent Pet Group manufactures products for pets, including dog and cat food and cat litter. Kent Precisions Foods Group manufactures dry blended food for customers in foodservices. Both rely on agricultural yields such as corn to provide ingredients for their products.


From its contributions to the industry to the benefits it receives from agriculture, Kent Corporation has deep agricultural roots. Whether its purchasing millions of bushels of corn from Iowa farmers, or providing area farmers with feed for livestock, agriculture has played an integral role in Kent Corporation’s success. During Ag Week 2015, millions of companies pay tribute to the part agriculture plays in their success, and Kent Corporation is certainly among them.