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Kent Corporation partners with United Way of Muscatine to donate furniture to Area Agencies

In 2011, the United Way raised more than $1,000,000 to fund 23 different programs in the Muscatine area.  Through these programs it is estimated that around 26,000 people saw their lives improved.  The only way achievements like this are possible is when the community unites together behind a common cause.


GPC and their employees have a long history of supporting the United Way with their time and money. This year, there was an opportunity to work with the United Way in a new way.  Commonly, people think the only way to help community organizations is through financial help.  The truth is the community has a wide variety of tangible needs as well.  To assist with some of these more tangible needs GPC decided to donate a wide range office furniture.


As a result of this effort, United Way of Muscatine, Muscatine Community College, Trinity Muscatine, and many others received necessary furniture to assist in a variety of needs.