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Kent Corporation Brand Story

Muscatine Foods Corporation, connecting the customers and employees to the spirit Gage Allison Kent established nearly 90 years ago, is changing its name to Kent Corporation.  The name Kent Corporation reflects the long history of commitment by the family-owned business to customers and employees.   KENT® simplifies the brand and sets the stage for future global expansion.

The Kent Story ~ ‘Turning Passion into Purpose’


Gage Allison Kent understood the value of collaborative relationships, and believed passionately that honesty, and consistent quality would yield success.  With these guiding principles, he opened his doors for business in 1927 in the animal feeds business.


Almost a century later, the business that carries his name, Kent Corporation, is a strong group of companies still owned by the Kent family.  The people at Kent have a passion for turning nutritional science into nutritional solutions.   Today, as back then, the values and work ethic of the agricultural community drive that passion.  Grain Processing Corporation, Kent Nutrition Group, – Feed, Precision Foods Inc, and Kent Nutrition Group – Pet, continue to grow with the pioneering spirit of their founder.  The people at Kent Corporation, and its subsidiary companies, make their living through advancements and product offerings in finished food products, food and beverage ingredients, pharmaceutical and personal care applications, animal nutrition and companion animal products.


A passion for innovation continues to drive success at Kent through product development, stringent quality standards, and research-based solutions, all leveraging shared expertise across the company.  The people at Kent Corporation understand that successful customers, now in more than 60 countries, value doing business with Kent; thus, turning their passion into purpose.


A family-owned business, providing innovative products and nutrition to feed a hungry world!