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GPC Honored with 2019 Friend of Food Science and Human Nutrition Award

AMES, Iowa (November 5, 2019) — Grain Processing Corporation was recently honored with the 2019 Friend of Food Science and Human Nutrition Award, presented by the Iowa State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Grain Processing Corporation accepts the 2019 Friend of FSHN Award. Pictured from left to right, Nathan Brewer, Kent Corporation Director, Marketing Enterprise Innovation; Kelly Belknap, GPC Applications Scientist; Tonya Armstrong, GPC Senior Applications Scientist; Jeff Underwood, Kent Corporation Vice President, Enterprise Innovation.

“The contributions [Grain Processing Corporation] has provided to FSHN (Food Science and Human Nutrition) students and faculty over the years made [Grain Processing Corporation] the perfect candidate for this award,” said Ruth MacDonald, Professor and Chair of the Department of FSHN at ISU.

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) and its parent company, Kent Corporation collaborate with ISU in many ways. It is a core value across Kent Corporation to work for the win-win; investing in the future generation of researchers, thought-leaders and champions of the food industry, supports Kent’s vision to be a recognized leader in sustainable and nutritious foods and ingredients for the whole family.

“GPC is honored to be recognized for their strong support and friendship of ISU’s Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition,” said Jeff Underwood, Vice President of Enterprise Innovation for Kent Corporation. “The partnership between GPC, parent company Kent Corporation and ISU has thrived over the years because of our common goals and values to provide safe, nutritious food for the United States and world.”

In the last five years, GPC has hosted a GPC Application Challenge, a chance for students to strengthen their product development knowledge, teambuilding skills and exposure to ingredients that will help feed the world’s growing population.

Each summer, GPC welcomes a food science student as an applications intern. GPC serves on the Department of FSHN’s External Advisory Council Committee, providing visionary input on future trends in food and nutrition sciences. In addition, GPC scientists offer technical support to students and faculty in many courses including the senior capstone course titled Discovery Foods.

“GPC and Kent look forward to the many ways we can collaborate with ISU’s Department of FSHN in the future,” said Underwood, who manages the Kent Innovation Center at the ISU Research Park. “It is with deep gratitude we accept the 2019 Friend of FSHN Award.”

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