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GPC Announces Major Alcohol Expansion in Muscatine Iowa

MUSCATINE, IOWA – Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) announced plans today to expand their ethyl alcohol production capacity to meet increased customer demand in the beverage and industrial alcohol markets. The $48 million expansion project focuses on increasing alcohol production at their Muscatine, Iowa corn wet milling plant.


“This investment provides expanded production to meet the growing demands of our domestic and export customers,” said Gage A. Kent, CEO and Chairman of Kent Corporation. “We recently announced a MALTRIN® Maltodextrins expansion at our Washington, Indiana wet mill, however, this capital expansion project will take place in Muscatine, Iowa. GPC has been producing quality alcohol right here in Muscatine since 1943. The Muscatine alcohol expansion is yet another demonstration of GPC’s long-term commitment to the economic well-being of our community”.


This project, along with increased production, reduces energy usage, improves yield and upgrades infrastructure in the Distillery area of the plant. GPC’s expanded capacity will provide product to the market in phases over the next two to five years.


“Our products are sold around the world for use in applications demanding the highest degree of purity,” said Mark Ricketts, Vice President, GPC Alcohol Sales. “GPC has earned the reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality ethyl alcohol that provides exceptional customer service and regulatory expertise. This expansion provides opportunities to not only grow with our current customers but the ability to grow our distribution and export channels. ”


The project will begin the permitting phase in May and move to construction as soon as all necessary permits are in place. This is the second expansion GPC has announced in the past 6 months and reflects efforts to continually grow and serve our customers’ business all over the globe.


Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is one of the leading global manufacturers of beverage and industrial alcohol. GPC’s ethyl alcohol is produced at the highest level of purity. Every batch must pass stringent sensory and analytical analysis. GPC is also a major manufacturer of MALTRIN® maltodextrins, food and pharmaceutical starches, industrial starches, and corn syrup solids, specialty products, and feed ingredients. The Company, a subsidiary of Kent Corporation, markets its products worldwide.