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Environmental Sustainability Progresses at Grain Processing Corporation

MUSCATINE, IOWA – Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) hosted yesterday several community leaders to update them on their progress to reduce emissions and promote productivity.GPC Dryer House 5 Aug 2013


In 2011, the company broke ground on a $100 million environmental sustainability project, encompassing the building of a state-of-the-art grain dryer house. As a part of this project, the company is modernizing additional environmental control systems, totaling $20 million in upgrades.


“The construction of the new dryer house is an enormous investment by GPC that will nearly eliminate smoke, odor and haze. This project is part of our ongoing commitment to the community,” said Mick Durham, GPC Director of Environmental Services.


With tangible construction progress, the $100 million environmental sustainability project is on schedule to be fully operational by 2015. The new dryer house alone will reduce total emissions by 72 percent in less than three years and by 82 percent by 2020.


 “With this environmental sustainability project, we are investing in the future of Muscatine.  It is one of the many steps in our dedication to the health, safety and well-being of the community,” stated Durham.


This project is a part of GPC’s economic impact to the Muscatine community and throughout Iowa. The company’s sustainability measures in the last decade have reduced energy use by 18 percent, water use by 20 percent, and carbon dioxide emissions by 5 percent. When completed, the dryer house will enable GPC to meet or exceed federal regulations.


Each year, GPC purchases more than $400 million of corn produced by Iowa farmers. GPC’s products include food and pharmaceutical grade alcohol, starches, fibers, corn oil, and maltodextrins for functional food ingredients, and ingredients for livestock and pet foods. GPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kent Corporation.