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Kent Corporation is the parent company to, and provides management and shared services for Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. (KNG), Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. (KPFG), and Kent Pet Group, Inc. (KPG).

Grain Processing Corporation ( is a corn wet milling company. GPC's products include starches and maltodextrins for functional food ingredients, nutraceutical and personal care markets, premium alcohol for beverage and industrial use, and ingredients for livestock and pet foods. Kent Nutrition Group ( manufactures and sells finished animal nutrition for commercial producers, farming communities, and animal lovers. Kent Precision Foods Group ( is a dry and liquid food manufacturing company that specializes in providing high quality products in the foodservice, healthcare, industrial and consumer markets. Kent Pet Group ( manufactures and markets products that combine high-quality natural ingredients with a scientific approach to pet care, meeting the consumer's demand for high-performance natural cat care options with their litter box solutions.

Kent Corporation's core expertise includes nutrition for both humans and animals; food grade manufacturing knowledge and facilities; and distribution and marketing into the ever changing world of food for people and animals.

A Historic Perspective

The story of this family of companies has its beginning in 1927, when G. A. Kent started manufacturing cattle feed in a little mill in Indianola, Iowa. His first product was Kent Baby Beef, the first cattle feed composed entirely of high-quality protein with no filler material.

In 1936, Mr. Kent moved his feed enterprise to Muscatine, Iowa, and built a plant on the banks of the Mississippi River, to take advantage of the economical river transportation. Since that time, Kent Feeds has been a leader in the feed industry, introducing many feeds and feeding programs for thousands of Midwest livestock producers. His son, James H. Kent, assumed the leadership of the company after his father's death in 1972. The current Chairman of Kent Feeds, Gage A. Kent is a grandson of the founder.

In 1952 a modern feed manufacturing plant was built in Muscatine to meet increasing demand.

As Kent Feeds continued its rapid growth and added new swine, beef, dairy, poultry, and specialty feeds, along with an animal care line, other Kent plants were constructed throughout the Midwest.

In 1955, the first acres were purchased for Kent to open and operate a production development center. This allowed Kent Feeds to provide research-proven products to customers.

In 1943, Mr. G. A. Kent along with Mr. S.G. Stein, a prominent Muscatine businessman, joined together to form Grain Processing Corporation. With government financing, the firm built a grain alcohol manufacturing plant to supply the synthetic rubber program of World War II. GPC leased the plant from the government with the option to purchase, and then purchased the plant in 1953.

Since 1953, GPC has grown significantly through a broadly diversified line of naturally produced carbohydrate-based products, mainly derived from nature's source, corn. Since the beginning, GPC has been building and nurturing a global reputation for providing exactly what companies are looking for, and has become a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of corn-based products. Products include: Maltodextrins, Corn Syrup Solids, and Starches for the food, nutraceutical and personal care markets, Ethyl Alcohol for beverage and industrial use, Starches for the paper, corrugated box, textile and wallboard industries, Corn Oil, and Animal/Soil Nutrition ingredients. GPC also developed and manufactured the original pet care product, World's Best Cat Litter™, an innovative all-natural cat litter made from whole kernel corn

By 1998, GPC had built a second state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Washington, Indiana, to better serve eastern U.S. markets and the distillery industry. Several million bushels of corn are processed each year at GPC's facilities for wet milling, distillation and feed production

A combination of commitment and technology helps GPC continue to develop products that touch the lives of millions of people every day and in everyday ways. Since the first days in business, GPC has been committed to providing complete customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality products consistently — on time, every time. This unyielding commitment to customers has led GPC to invest in the finest people, technology and facilities available anywhere in the world

In 1988, Blue Seal Feeds was acquired to expand its reach for animal feed products from the Midwest to the East Coast. Blue Seal Feeds began in 1868, when Henry K. Webster started a small grist mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, that would grow into one of the largest feed manufacturing companies in the Northeast. Blue Seal Feeds has continued to grow, and today consists of full line feed mills and company-owned farm and garden supply stores.

In 2006, Blue Seal Feeds expanded their product line to include a focus on growing the dog and cat food line, By Nature® brand, into pet specialty stores beyond the Blue Seal Feeds retail stores and dealer distribution channels. In 2008, Blue Seal Feeds acquired I. L. Richer, a major manufacturer and supplier of dairy feed products and services to the central and eastern New York dairy market. Also in 2008, Blue Seal Feeds acquired United Foods Corporation, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of dairy, poultry and livestock feed in upper New England. In 2010, Blue Seal Feeds joined with Kent Feeds, Inc. to form the Kent Nutrition Group Feed Division.

Blue Seal Feed's primary market area has been the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. In the early days, the emphasis of the business was on supplying horse feed. In addition to horse feed, the product line has grown to include feeds for dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, pigs, deer, dogs, cats, rabbits, wild birds, caged birds, poultry, herbivore zoo animals, and fish, as well as products for the lawn and garden. Blue Seal Feeds provided unsurpassed nutritional expertise, high quality manufacturing, efficient distribution, and superior customer value to ensure the success of their customers.

In 2010, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. combined Kent Feeds and Blue Seal Feeds into one organization focused on serving commercial livestock producers, equine, small pet owners, and lifestyle enthusiasts. In late 2016, Kent Nutrition Group acquired Deluxe Feeds of Sheldon, Iowa, a full service state-of-the-art feed mill in one of the top commercial animal producing regions in the Midwest.

Kent Nutrition Group is focused on commercial animal, equine, and lifestyle customers. Through the collaboration and focus of all our commercial producers, farming communities, and animal lovers, Kent Nutrition Group, leveraging the innovation, knowledge, and performance of the past separate companies, delivers unsurpassed products and services to customers throughout the United States and beyond. Kent Nutrition Group goes to market using both the Blue Seal and Kent brands; both with a long history of respected quality and service. | | | |

In 2010 the Pet Division was formed into its own company, serving the fast growing pet industry. Kent Pet Group combines the pet products groups from Kent Feeds, Blue Seal Feeds, and sister company, Grain Processing Corporation's World's Best Cat Litter™. This new company originally was focused on meeting the needs of the ever-growing pet categories of dog and cat markets. Currently their focus is directed to improving solutions for the pet market, specifically the litter segment using the concentrated power of naturally absorbent corn to help cat owners maintain a cleaner litter box with less litter and less hassles. Kent Pet manufactures in the United States and ships product to over 15 countries. World's Best Cat Litter offers a family of clumping cat litters that offer concentrated power for a cleaner litter box. The patented process harnesses the power of naturally absorbent corn to create formulas that guarantee outstanding odor control, quick clumping and easy scooping. It's the pet, people and planet friendly litter that truly works. Offered in various formulas and a variety of sizes, the litter is available in PetSmart® and Petco®, select Target® and Walmart stores, and other leading pet and grocery stores nationwide. World's Best Cat Litter is produced by Kent Pet Group, headquartered in Muscatine, IA. |

In 1992, Precision Pack Foods (PPF) was acquired by the corporation. PPF was a custom dry-seasoning blender, located in Broadview, Illinois. PPF specialized in customer seasonings and foods for chain restaurants. PPF merged with Frostline Foods, a division of GPC that produced a dry blended, lactose-free frozen dessert mix. Those two entities are now known as Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. (KPFG)

In 1995, Dacus Foods was acquired followed by Milani Foods in 1996, Benno Foods in 2004, Alternative Channels in 2006, Total Ultimate Foods in 2007, and in 2008 KPFG acquired SAMS Food Group, Inc. In 2015, KPFG acquired Sqwincher Corporation of Columbus Mississippi, a leading provider of hydration drink solutions. In 2016, KPFG acquired PouchTec Industries of Foley Minnesota, a food and liquid packaging company.

Kent Precision Foods Group markets dry-blended food mixes and packaged foods ranging from soups, sauces, gravies, breadings, drinks, rice, and stuffing, soft serve ice cream and yogurt. Their hydration products with the Sqwincher name, provide an optimally formulated supply of electrolytes necessary for the body to stay hydrated, fueled and focused. Their products are available in powder, concentrate, ready-made drink, freeze pop, chew or light calorie or no calorie solutions. KPFG specializes in developing, blending, and packaging dry mix food and liquid products for the domestic and international foodservice, healthcare, industrial and consumer markets. KPFG also offers a diverse line of branded products for the foodservice and consumer channels. KPFG's corporate headquarters is located in Muscatine, Iowa, which services the entire U.S. market from manufacturing facilities in New Sharon, Iowa; Bolingbrook, Illinois; Superior, Wisconsin; Columbus, Mississippi; and Foley Minnesota. | | | | |

In 2007, after three generations of joint ownership by the Kent and Stein/Kautz families, the Kautz family sold their ownership to Muscatine Foods Corporation and Chairman Terry Kautz, grandson of S. G. Stein, retired from the company.

The Kent family continues their ownership with the founder's grandson, Gage A. Kent, as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Kent Corporation.

In 2012, the company changed its name from Muscatine Foods Corporation to Kent Corporation. The name change was an acknowledgement of the company's oldest and best-known brand and embodies the Kent family's long heritage of company ownership and the commitment to customers and employees. Today, Kent Corporation employs approximately 2,000 employees throughout the family of companies and throughout the world. Our management philosophy of true commitment to quality and long-term customer satisfaction has been the key to growth and success in all our companies.

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