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Kent Corporation Shares Progress Update with Community

MUSCATINE, IOWA – More than 70 community leaders, elected officials, and regulatory agency representatives visited Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) today to hear Kent Corporation leaders discuss their sustainability efforts that benefit Muscatine.


GPC highlighted two major investments in advanced technologies that are making a demonstrable difference in emissions. With the new and operational $83 million dryer house and the company’s conversion to natural gas as the sole fuel source for the dryers, emissions of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, and lead will be substantially reduced.


“Cleaner air is a commitment GPC made to the Muscatine community,” said Mick Durham, Environmental Director for GPC. “And we are keeping that promise. These substantial investments put GPC well ahead of industry peers as we reduce emissions to meet all EPA standards today and into the future.”


GPC officials also gave an update on additional projects that are boosting economic development for the community. Earlier this year, GPC announced a $48 million alcohol production expansion project in Muscatine. This expansion will be completed over the next five years to meet the growing demands of domestic and export customers. GPC is also developing a new training center for employees at their Oregon Street campus. The construction and employment surrounding these projects are yet another demonstration of GPC’s long-term commitment to the economic well-being of the community.


Rich Dwyer, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs and Enterprise Risk for Kent Corporation, discussed several tangible efforts the company is working on, in collaboration with other businesses and the city, to identify and mitigate the risk of levy breaches in Muscatine.