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Kent Corporation Exhibit at Muscatine History & Industry Center

The Muscatine History and Industry Center recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.  The center showcases the local industries of Muscatine, including the new addition of the Kent Corporation exhibit.


Museum Display - Glass CaseGoods produced in the Muscatine community and their histories are displayed at the center.  Other businesses showcased in the center include Bandag, HNI Corporation, Stanley Consultants, Monsanto, and Muscatine Power and Water.  These businesses were all developed from humble beginnings through hard work and determined entrepreneurs – the same values that helped Kent Corporation expand into the business it is today.


The Kent Corporation exhibit tells the story of a family-owned business and features its subsidiaries using photographs, interactive technology, fun facts, and more.  Through these visuals, the community can see the commitment to quality that has been consistently valued to Kent Corporation through the years.


Kent Corporation is honored to be a member of the Muscatine community and is excited to showcase its companies and global presence at the Muscatine History and Industry Center.