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Grain Processing Corporation’s Environmental Policy Statement

Grain Processing Corporation, a subsidiary of Kent Corporation, is dedicated to environmental operations for a sustainable future.  As a part of the Environmental Management System being implemented at both the Muscatine, Iowa and Washington, Indiana plants, the Company has developed the following Environmental Policy Statement:

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is committed to environmental operations that foster a sustainable future and lead to improvements in the communities where we do business.

GPC will comply with local, state and federal environmental regulations and other applicable environmental requirements.

GPC will continue to look for ways to protect our natural resources by implementing programs and procedures to assure minimal impact.  We will seek to prevent environmental impacts before they are created and re-use and recycle whenever possible. We strive to prevent releases to the atmosphere, land and water.

GPC will continually provide environmental training and information to employees and contractors to promote environmental awareness on the job.

GPC will communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our customers, staff and community.

GPC will work continually to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system, evaluate our environmental performance, and reduce any environmental impacts by setting timely measureable goals to reduce these impacts.

GPC will provide adequate resources, including personnel, to establish, document, implement and maintain environmental programs that will meet the objectives of this policy.

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